We've taken lots of pictures of Chopin.
See, He is sooooo CUTE!!

He looks like a fire fighter, doesn't he?
With a hat and a toy we got at BIG DOG.
" Am I cute??"
He has eyes that talk! And He smaile!!
He pretends that he sleeps
He looks at us through his hair.
Ah! Who is He???
He loves chewing a toy. He is sometimes like a prince.
and sometimes a comedian... This is our favorite hair style!!
He wears his hair in braids, 3 braids!!
Oh! He closes his eyes!
Maybe, a flash of camera was too glaring for him. Sorry..
He is thinking really serious problems.
or ..... sleeping..

With Jodie.
He is beautiful OES from Nagasaki Prefecture.
With Sherry
She is a bull girl (oops)
She considers Chopin to be a rival.
but she is kind to a little dogs.
With Mojako.
She resembles Chopin, doesn't she?
She has very cute big eyes and loves 
her boss very much.
With Pino
He is small but so powerful, can run so fast. See Chopin is wearing a t-shirt.

With a dog lived near our house
Chopin likes him and he likes his owner very much.
With Tarbo
He is a deffness OES but very gentle and friendly.
With Sherry
Sherry's owner likes football, especially Argentine team, that why she wears uniform of Argentine. The castle behind them is Kokura castle. 
Around this castle is very good place to take for a walk with dogs.
With Sherry
This one taken in front of a beautiful church.
With Star
He is cute OES with big black nose and also big tongue.
With Sherry
This pic was taken when Sherry was 4 month.
With Olaf
He is one of the most gentle OES we've ever met. He doesn't bark and doesn't get angry. Chopin was always said "Be nice like Olaf!"
With Sandy
Chopin is big OES but Sandy is bigger.
He is 10 years old but still tough.
With member of
        "Kyushu OES Owners' Club"
This one was taken at Christmas.
With member of
     "Kyushu OES Owners' Club"
We had a New Year Party on 2002. 
With member of
       "Kansai OES Owners' Club"
In  2001, we went to Shiga to join a party of "Kansai OES". It took 6 hours to get Shiga by car.
With member of
       "Kyushu OES Owners' Club"
With member of
     "Kyushu OES Owners' Club"
Yes, we have parties regularly.
With member of
      "Kyushu OES Owners' Club"
We went Mt.Inasayama by a ropeway.
This was the first time for Chopin to ride it. Maybe for most of OES.
With member of
        "Kyushu OES Owners' Club"
This was the first party of Kyushu OES.

Chopin without clothes. Japanese devil Chopin
With a bath towel
He dips his ears in water when he drinks so we  did this.
This hat was too small for him!
Oops! He took a shower?? Christmas Chopin!
Santa Chopin 2001. Santa Chopin 2000.
Too hot for him !!
He wears a wet towel.
This is his raincoat. Yeah, too small...
He is like a master of kungfu.
Isn't he Cool?? Cool??
wearing my sun glasses.

At Onga gawa river.
Riverside of Onga gawa is our most favorite place.
We throw a ball and Chopin retrieves like retrievers. He can run so fast (if he wants).
Yes, he has a lot of toys.
Ah, it's not Chopin's baby. Uran, a member of Kyushu OES. borned babies. We visited her house and met babies!! So small and so cute!
Again at riverside of Onga gawa. With Sherry
Maybe...Sherry is faster than Chopin.
First time at the sea
He can swim (of course!), but doesn't like it.
See... He is afraid of wave.
Maybe Chopin thinks that this is a big hot spring, not hot though... Blue sky , Blue Sea and Chopin
He likes Frisbee. not catch but play with. Do you think he can catch this??
.... no .... He tried but failed.
Sometimes (really sometimes) he can catch Frisbee.
His picture became of a cover of a magazine named "Nekokichi-Inukichi". With big beautiful sunflower
When we visited Uran's house, her owner's father gave us this big sunflower.