Birthday: 1996 Sep.19th
Breed: Old English Sheepdog
Place of birth: the house of my uncle.
Name of his mother(dog): Moko
Favorites: walking, apples, sweet potatoes, licking people's hands and foot, small dogs
Hates: brushing, taking bath, "No", "House", being left alone

Look!! Isn't he cute????

This is the picture that was taken when he came tomy house.
He was so small and weighed only 6kg (now 35kg).
He was so quiet and looked like an ornament

See how small he was. We could hold him in our arms.

At the field.

He was so small !!

First snow

He couldn't walk on the snow at the beginning but soon he could.
He loves to eat snow during his walk.

At the park

You can see him smiling. Look at his leash. It's different from the one he was wearing.Yes, he broke it. Then he needed a new one.

With Mom

At the porch.
Oh, look at his big head!!.... but such cute eyes, don't you think so??
He's like a baby.